MONOLIF is a digital design and development studio that combines unparalleled design, creative strategy, and innovative solutions to create a memorable user experience for our clients.

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At MONOLIF, we empower those who dare to push the boundaries of design and the creative world through breathtaking, purposeful user experiences via digital media.

By partnering with leaders and entrepreneurs critical inflection points in their journey, we work with them to craft their digital presence into one that embodies their goals, values, and mission.

  • We are curiously driven, and purposefully curious.

  • Understanding the rules, so that we can break them the right way.

  • Partnerships not client-ships.

  • Saying it how it is.

  • No wrong ideas.

  • Create Direction
  • Visual Identities
  • UX/UI design
  • Interaction Design
  • Website & App Design
  • Design Systems
  • Digital Product Design
  • Creative Development
  • Front-End Development
  • Brand Identities
  • Research & Insight
  • Naming
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Visual Identity
  • Iconography
  • Design Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Interface
  • Experience
  • Interaction
  • Web & App
  • Typography
  • Product Design
  • Conceptualising
  • Prototyping
  • Front-End Dev
  • Creative Dev
  • Web Animation
  • 3D Interaction
What we are all about

MONOLIF partners with emerging tech companies and forward thinkers wanting to craft an online experience that is unique, memorable and expressive so that they stand out as the innovators, risk takers or leading-edge companies they are.

Depending on the needs, stage and budget of our partners, we are able to take the project from initial concept, based around goals, ideas and values, through to a live, beautifully designed, carefully crafted and breathtaking website. Bursting with small details, interesting interactions & purposefully written copy.

Or, if you are after just a small insert of our z we boil our services down to three core offerings.


Our design approach is strategic and purposeful. We work closely to implement a goal-driven process for our designs, ensuring the product isn't just art, but actively works to reach your goals and further your mission.


Preferring the term “Creative Development” our developers rely on design thinking as much as they do the technology they use. Making sure every pixel is perfect, and interaction is additive to the users experience.


Many clients have the resources and capability to implement new ideas and changes. However, feel they may benefit from experienced guidance or strategic advice from a creative perspective to help lead their team.

What we are all about

All parts of our process are ones that rotate around our Three Cs’ — Curiosity, Collaboration and Creativity. Our curious approach allows us to go beyond what is expected, uncovering and understanding the boundaries of possibility. Close collaboration with our clients is essential for us to accurately comprehend their needs, objectives, and roadblocks. And our creativity, at the heart of it all, gives us the power to explore these questions and understandings from a unique perspective, coming up with solutions that not only create a breathtaking user experience, but also meet the business-goals we set out at the beginning of our journey.

Discover & Define

To deliver results, we must first identify who we are delivering them to, understand their needs and wants, and be aware of any limitations. Only then can we define what success looks like and how to achieve it.

Strategy & Focus

We can then delve deeper and devise a creative strategy to create a solution-oriented design approach that focuses on resolving core issues and producing tangible, beneficial, and impactful results.

Design & Exploration

The true power of any design lies in the details that are not immediately visible. This is why exploration is so important; it allows us to uncover unique ideas by discarding the obvious and mundane. We explore everything from UX and UI to user interactions and beyond.

Refine & Build

As we move through the build phase, we continue to refine our design and ideas as we uncover what works and what doesn't. We remove elements that don't feel right and add those that enhance the user experience, while keeping you informed.

Review & Launch

A final review before launch allows us to go over any final changes, discuss any concerns, and decide whether the project was a success. Once everyone is blown away, we can set a go-live date and transfer all documents.

Analyse & Optimize

Launching isn't the end of our journey. We use tools to analyse user data and patterns, then write a report with suggested changes and their potential impacts. We hand this report over to you, so you can make informed decisions about how to improve your site, if desired.

What we are all about

Nordebrink Studio is a Swedish design consultancy led by Gustav Nordebrink. With a sustainable philosophy, my studio aims to create long-term solutions for brands and people. I've worked with large and small companies internationally for over a decade to bring purpose and quality to their overall brand experience. My focus lies in design strategy, brand identities, and digital design systems ranging from a holistic to a detail perspective. The studio is located in Mariefred, Sweden, where I work remotely with clients worldwide.