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Fed up with the long waits for medical scans, allows it’s users to compare, browse and book scans directly with the facilities offering them. No more waiting for doctors to follow up, lengthy referral processes and month-long wait times.

Product Design // UX Design // UI Design
A service typically hidden behind the doors of the medical system, medical scans can feel elusive and mysterious. To make the entire process more transparent and easier to understand, makes it as easy as possible.

We were brought on board to help apply their new branding and vision for 2023, making their site embody this modern and transparent approach to the medical industry.

The blog posts helpful information to inform and educate it’s users.

Making the search as easy to navigate as possible, whilst providing relevant information.

Reducing friction and confusion during the checkout process reduces drop-off and boost conversions. is doing big things and shaking up the medical industry. With their modern, contemporary branding and visual identity, they are making previously difficult services accessible to the masses. We were pleased to partner with a company that is challenging the traditional ways of doing things.