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Rinkl is a platform for content-creators, that believes that allowing your audience to ask direct, personal questions for a small fee filters out the low-value questions and noise, allowing you to cut directly to those looking for advice/help.

Creative Direction // Product Design // UI/UX Design
Rinkl is a platform that attracts content creators from all niches. This means that going with a particular style could alienate specific customers and limit growth. To cater to this wide audience, Rinkl decided to be itself and go with a minimal, neutral tone with hints of their bold undertones.

User testimonials to be shared on site and via social media.

An example of the “process” element a user may see during profile setup.

Rinkl is a relatively simple context, but working on this project revealed many challenges and things to consider. From figuring out how to combat users trying to impersonate others, to the nuances of chat integrations and user expectations.