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A digital agency that has been offering SEO and general design/marketing services to its clients for the last 10 years. Arken.Digital stand out among the crowd with their modern approach to SEO services.

SEO Agency
Creative Direction // Branding & Visual Identity // UI/UX Design
Fed up with 99% of the websites in his industry looking the same, Richard Kennedy, founder of Arken.Digital, wanted to break the mould for their new website design and focus on a more minimal, typographic, and modern design.

Richard came to us wanting to craft a unique and modern identity & online presence that not only helped them stand out, but was also easy to manage and expand as the company grew.

An easy to follow process-timeline to help explain the SEO process to potential clients.

Thanks to our design styling, adding a dark mode was easy to design and implement.

The outcome of this project was a new, fresh look for Arken that embodies who they are as a company and catches the eye of their clients. Not only that, but the brand application doesn't require any custom illustration or difficult animations, allowing for their team to easily and quickly make changes or add new pages as they expand.